Hurst Center for Lifelong Learning

Ogden, Utah

The Hurst Center at Weber State University is LEED Silver certified. Green features include a unique air barrier to isolate the outer skin of the building. All interior materials have low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Lights are controlled by individual room sensors, and the boiler features a high efficiency air-filtration system that eliminates most organic particles in the air. The roof is a low-emissivity membrane that reflects sunlight. The building was sited and landscaped with deciduous trees to take advantage of solar heat in winter, but provide shade on the brick veneers during the warm summers.

Additionally, a small grove of oak trees was preserved and incorporated into the design of the building.



Square Footage

41,255 square ft.

Notable Information

LEED Silver certified
Tenant improvement
Unique air barrier
High efficiency air-filtration system
Deciduous trees

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