Weber County Headquarters Library

Roy, Utah

The Weber County Headquarters Library represents a concerted effort by community advocates to provide the best and most cutting edge community library services in Utah and the United States. The Headquarters Library actively moves away from the idea of bookshelves and shushing librarians and aims to bring citizens together through engaging spaces, technology, and programming.

It includes a 255-seat multi-purpose room, children’s, pre-teen and adult services, a smart board room, art gallery and cafe with indoor and outdoor seating areas. As the headquarters it includes: data central services and administrative offices on a second mezzanine level. A central feature is a sculptural stair that overlooks the reading room with a two-story glass wall with a view to the garden.

The building’s high efficiency systems are innovative to both Utah and to library facilities. An underground ice tank systems chills water at night, when energy use and costs are lowest. Then during the day, the building’s HVAC system pulls air across the underground ice to cool the building during the day.

The project’s ceiling tube scrim system is custom designed to carry electric raceways while emphasizing the building’s classical proportions. More than 100,000 individual tubes span 135 feet of ceiling and are spaced exactly 3 3/8th      inches apart and was painstakingly placed by laser level over five months. The HVAC, data cabling and plumbing systems are all installed beneath raised access flooring, laid along the same lines as the ceiling scrim. The craftsmanship required to meticulously fabricate and place each item was substantial and took six and five months respectively. The result is a perfectly proportioned system of horizontal and vertical lines.



Square Footage

74,614 square ft.

Notable Information

Designed and constructed to LEED Gold standards

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