Admissions and Safe Housing Facility

American Fork, Utah

R&O provided the preconstruction and design for this 22,149 sf  medical-residential facility at the Utah State Developmental Center. Throughout the design, R&O collaborated with staff, developmental specialists and the design team to build a facility that met USDC’s unique needs. R&O’s goals for the project included designing and building a facility that consolidates 100% of USDC’s intake activities, creating an environment that is safe for residents and the staff who care for them, and affording residents the dignity and respect of a warm, aesthetically pleasing home while meeting functional needs associated with their severe behavioral issues.
The state-of-the-art facility accommodates turn-key admissions, assessment and housing for up to 36 residents. It includes all necessary areas for incoming residents to stay for several weeks while an assessment of their long-term needs is completed. Office and support space for 25 staff members per shift is also consolidated in the new facility.  Unique resident safety features include tamper-proof fixtures, extremely durable materials, unobstructed views of all corners and hallways, shatterproof windows, and zero strangulation or potential projectile hazards.

Square Footage

22,149 square ft.

Notable Information

Maximum security medical residential facility
Administrative, direct care and residential function

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