Weber County Headquarters Library

Roy, Utah

The Weber County Headquarters Library represents a concerted effort by community advocates to provide the best and most cutting edge community library services in Utah and the United States.  The Headquarters Library actively moves away from the idea of bookshelves and shushing librarians and aims to bring citizens together through engaging spaces, technology, and programming.
It includes a 255-seat multi-purpose room, children’s, pre-teen and adult services, a smart board room, art gallery and cafe with indoor and outdoor seating areas. As the headquarters it includes: data central services and administrative offices on a second mezzanine level. A central feature is a sculptural stair that overlooks the reading room with a two-story glass wall with a view to the garden.


Square Footage

74,614 square ft.

Notable Information

225-seat multi-purpose room
Meeting room with catering kitchen
Children's, pre-teen and teen areas
Art gallery & café
Offices & administration areas

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