Dairy Farmers of America Cache Valley Creamery

Beaver, Utah

R&O recently completed renovations on the Dairy Farmers of America Cache Valley Creamery in Beaver, Utah. Cache Valley Creamery offers a variety of dairy products, including cheese curds, artisanal cheeses, ice cream, convenience items and more. Construction included a 10,000 sf addition and renovating the existing 2,250 sf. The new addition has an exposed structure with metal roofing, and a “silo” component on one corner. The first floor features a full-service café serving breakfast and lunch and includes an interactive, educational experience about dairy for visitors. The second-floor mezzanine includes office, conference and dining space for employees. Construction also included an expanded parking lot added to make space for cars, buses and RV’s.


Square Footage

10,724 square ft.

Notable Information

Full service café
Expanded parking lot

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