Top of Utah Printworks

Ogden, Utah

In addition to serving as the headquarters for a news gathering and distributing organization, the new facility includes a state-of-the-art printing/publishing center. PrintWorks houses one of the most modern newspaper presses in the world.

The production facility, news, advertising, circulation and business offices relocated into an existing building renovated by R&O. The two buildings are adjoined by a walkway, and are the home to the Ogden Publishing Corporation.


"Upon engaging R&O, I knew your people were good; I just didn't know that they were almost perfect. Working with R & O has been an excellent experience, and results were 100% achieved, on time and on budget." -Scott Trundle, Publisher

Square Footage

105,000 square ft.

Notable Information

New construction and renovation
State-of-the-art press facility
Sandwich panels
Special humidifiers
Automated waste system
Award Winning Project

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