Liberty Village

Salt Lake City, Utah

Part of the redevelopment of Salt Lake City’s Sugarhouse neighborhood are the Liberty Village Apartments built by R&O Construction. Where dilapidated buildings and vacant lots once stood, revitalization efforts have yielded new retail, restaurants, housing and parks, all connected to downtown Salt Lake by a new streetcar and mass transit.

The building totals 265,023 sf, including a 85,983 sf parking garage and 2,998 sf clubhouse, and on a 1.5 acre site. There are 17 one-bedroom lofts, 58 one-bedroom apartments and 131 two-bedroom apartments. Thirty-five units are funded by the Salt Lake City Housing Trust Fund and are designated for individuals earning less that 50% AMI. The parking garage accommodates 253 cars with an additional 13 parking spots available on the street.

Square Footage

354,004 square ft.

Notable Information

Type V wood frame wrap
Tight staging conditions
Energy Star & NHB Green standards

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