Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The 3,600 sf, 154-seat Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center auditorium opened in the spring of 2011.

The auditorium has a large window hidden behind a theatrical curtain and a retractable projection screen that reveals the spectacular Teton Range at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled film. During a lecture or conference, the window provides a scenic backdrop. As Jackson Hole’s first high definition theater, the facility offers tremendous flexibility through its projection, lighting, and surround-sound system. The venue accommodates a variety of presentation formats, including digital film and slide shows, and a caption system assists hearing-impaired visitors.

Recycled, sustainable, and energy-efficient materials are all incorporated into the project.

Square Footage

3,600 square ft.

Notable Information

Federal project
Inside Teton National Park
Jackson Hole's first high definition theater
Energe efficient materials

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