Ogden Public Works Center

Ogden, Utah

The Ogden Public Works facility consisted of the construction of a new main building to house the public works operations for Ogden City streets, sewer and refuge; a new customer service office, maintenance shops with new truck wash and vehicle storage. The existing 16,000 square ft. fleet maintenance building was also remodeled with an additional 5,000 square ft. of new construction.

Besides the five new structures, the project included a sprung structure and two covered and heated parking areas. The project included extensive site work.

A portion of Ogden City Public Works was in operation at all times during construction.


"The management and personnel team at R & 0 are competent, cooperative and highly respected. They are an excellent business and good neighbors, volunteering many resources to our community. Ogden City has been very satisfied with our continuing business relationship with R&O Construction Company." - Mayor Matthew Godfrey

Square Footage

85,000 square ft.

Notable Information

Five new structures
New construction and remodel
Included a sprung structure
Operating during construction
Award Winning Project

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