USTAR Innovation Center

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

The USTAR Innovation Center is the 5th building R&O has constructed at Hill Air Force Base’s Falcon Hill Aerospace Research Park. The newest home to Utah’s Science and Technology Research (USTAR) initiative features offices, fledgling business incubator, and a state of the art industrial workshop with aerospace industry-tailored equipment studios.

The building is a concrete tilt-up with unique architectural steel fins welded on the exterior to enhance the USTAR orange branding. The building is located just off of Hill Air Force Base outside of the West Gate, so Falcon Hill Drive was constructed to access the building as part of the project.

Mechanical systems were designed to accommodate the high-tech equipment. USTAR installed in the building; 3D printers, laser cutters, OMAX water jet cutter, and complete wood shop tools.

Square Footage

21,000 square ft.

Notable Information

Concrete tilt-up
Industrial workshop

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