We will begin your project by:

  1. Assembling a project team and clarifying all owner expectations before the project begins.
  2. Choosing only pre-qualified subcontractors who commit to your project. Each prospective subcontractor is put through an extensive interview process that substantiates licensing and insurance, trade references, bonding capacity, backlog information, safety performance and litigation. Our Sub Central database maintains a ranking of these subcontractors that tracks performance letters, safety deficiencies, job history, warranty performance, etc. High performing subcontractors are given a “star” rating.
  3. Carefully evaluating the feasibility of the design elements as they relate to the construction budget, time and life cycle costing.
  4. Providing pre-construction cost estimates and cost evaluations as well as assist with long lead item identification, alternate material suggestions, and any other items that effect budget and/or schedule.

Let us go to work for you.