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Slade Sits Down with EDCUtah for 5 Questions

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Nevada Business Rountable

Nevada Business: Industry Focus on Builders and Developers

As most industries recover from the impacts of the COVID pandemic, builders and developers are still facing challenges with the supply chain, workforce issues and market uncertainty. In spite of those challenges, industry leaders are forging ahead in shaping Nevada’s skylines.

Article Posted on March 01, 2022
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Commercial building

Utah State Has Broad Construction Reach

The northern Utah-based school is moving forward with multiple projects and a focus on sustainability

Article Posted on March 27, 2023
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R&O Construction Website Homepage

Welcome to Our New Site

In addition to the many great relationships and projects that we have built over the past 43 years, we are excited to move our new website from the "Under Construction" to "Substantially Complete" phase.

Blog Posted on June 27, 2023
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